We are an international and interdisciplinary team with different backgrounds, mindsets and experiences

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We are on a mission to put a personal assistant in every worker’s pocket, freeing their hands for the work that matters most.

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Our Team

Our Team

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We are an international and interdisciplinary team with years of shared experience in the academic, corporate & tech start-up scene who joined up to reinvigorate the digitization of Germany's economic backbone: manufacturing. We greatly value an egalitarian, open, diverse and feedback-oriented culture at our fledgling company.

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KNOWRON Founders

Arturo Buitrago Méndez

CPO & Co-Founder
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Arturo was born and raised in Costa Rica, where he developed a deep appreciation for places green and tranquil. He studied electrical engineering and digital technology management at TUM and CDTM and gathered work experience in the Munich startup scene.

Fabian Pelzl

CEO & Co-Founder
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Fabian has a background in HCI and personal assistant research at TUM and Stanford. In addition, he also holds an honors degree from CDTM. He is a passionate sportsman, in winter and summer you can find him mostly in the Alps on the weekend.

Ali Kareem Raja

CTO & Co-Founder
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A tech nerd at heart, Ali has a strong passion for building products that provide real benefits to society. He loves meeting new people and exploring different cultures.

Where We Come From

The Team

Ayesha’s work has been about improving experiences and empowering communities. As a product designer, she’s now determined to improve digital experiences for all. At the end of the workday, you will probably find her making tiny things out of clay or planning her next DIY project.

Ayesha Siddiqui

Product Designer
Dmitry is a tech enthusiast who brings relevant venture-building experience and an entrepreneurial mindset from founding two startups in B2B SaaS and B2C commerce. He is a big fan of the ocean (Eisbach too;)) and surfing but also can’t live without hiking and skiing.

Dmitry Burlakov

Entrepreneur in Residence
Haris offers extensive experience as a software engineer having been a part of multiple start-ups. He has a background in Computer Engineering and Informatics at TUM. He loves travelling and sports, and is always up for a cup of chai!

Haris Durrani

Software Engineer
With his background in Computer Engineering and Informatics at TUM, developing user-friendly apps is Loay's most beloved thing. He also loves tech, sports, and gaming. At night, you are most likely to find him at the gym.

Loay Nasser

Frontend Developer
With a background in human-computer interaction and communication science, Marta is passionate about shaping ideas into seamless digital experiences. When she is not occupied with wireframes, you can find her bouldering or swimming.

Marta Dziabiola

UX/UI Designer
Florian is known internally as our "Chief Researcher" and is currently investigating the latest NLP models. Besides his passion for handball, he also enjoys surfing, whether on the Eisbach or in the sea.

Florian Kittel

NLP Engineer
To get the best out of your big data sets, Ahmed is our key contributor. Ahmed has a several years of industry experience as a software engineer. In his free time, he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and exploring different genres of music.

Ahmed El Wakeel

Data Engineer
Diego is an NLP enthusiast with a background in Computer Engineering and Informatics at TUM. Tinkering with technology fascinates him, but you might also find him strumming a couple of chords on his guitar.

Diego Miquel Lozano

NLP Engineer
Niklas researches new market opportunities and has a background in Industrial Engineering and Management & Digital Technologies at LMU. He loves to travel and discover new cultures.

Niklas Frost

Founders Associate

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