The digital assistant for your service team

Provide your service team with an intuitive solution access to knowledge instantly and to make your processes more efficient.

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With KNOWRON you can just ask a question in order to retrieve informatino to enable your workforce to fix machine breakdowns imeediately when they occur.


With KNOWRON you can store your own personal information and notes but let's you also share it with the whole organisation - always keeping you in control.


KNOWRON learns with every interaction and can distribute the knowledge within your workforce to ensure quick information retrieval and to speed up new worker onboarding.

Benefits for Service Teams:
A knowledge base in your back pocket

Increase productivity with easy and immediate access to information.
No more wasting time in looking for the right information. Just ask a question to find the answer of your problem.

Automated document onboarding with Natural Language Processing
No need for tedious and manual information onboarding. Our NLP algorithms semantically understand every information onboarded to the system.

Minimize onboarding time for your team
Provide an automated solution for self-training leading to more productivity and relieved key personnel.

Employee health and safety
The assistant can provide reassurance for your teams and thus reduce peak stress. Better access to information also reduced accident risk.

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