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We’re on a mission to fundamentally change knowledge management for blue-collar workers in machine-driven industries.    

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“In a world longing for a skilled workforce, we've developed KNOWRON: an NLP powered tool to augment deskless workers with a personal assistant that supports their daily tasks. We make organizational and technical knowledge a ubiquitous companion, available anywhere, in any language and 24/7.”

Fabian Pelzl
Co-founder and CEO @Knowron
The KNOWRON team in numbers

We’re a diverse group of change-makers with varied backgrounds and expertise—that’s what makes us click.




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Meet the people behind the platform

We’re a varied bunch united by one common factor: our mission to empower deskless workers.

Fabian Pelzl

Founder & CEO

Fun fact: Fabian spends his weekends paddle boarding down the River Isar—once he’s found his balance, of course.

Arturo Buitrago Mendez

Founder & COO

Fun fact: Arturo’s a fictional universe fanatic and lore lover—when he’s not in the kitchen, that is.

Ali Kareem Raja

Founder & CTO

Fun fact: Ali can still recite the Windows XP key code thanks to countless hours messing about as a computer-loving kid.

Miriam Messana

Marketing Manager

Fun fact: Miriam’s love for greens extends only to the kitchen—much to the dismay of the office plants, and Daiana who placed them. 

David Andres Cepeda Guzman

Product Manager

Fun fact: David is a keen chef—always on the lookout for new recipes to share with friends (including us at KNOWRON).

Diego Miguel

NLP Engineer

Fun fact: Diego still sleeps with earplugs every single night—a nod to his university days getting woken up by other students at 3am.

Darja Schano

Founders Associate

Fun fact: Passionate about solo sporting adventures, Darja often embarks on thrilling trips. However, her unique talent lies in getting lost or injured almost every time!

Ahmed Kareem

Full Stack Engineer

Fun fact: Ahmed spent so much time watching Superheroes as a kid that he broke his arm trying to be one.

Halil Çakar

Frontend Developer

Fun fact: Halil loved his 10-year bachelor’s degree so much that he’s now thinking of pursuing a master’s—hopefully, this one won’t take as long.

Ayesha Siddiqui

Product Designer

Fun fact: Ayesha’s first UX project was a theme park for ants—built from small objects and with an intermission to let scared ants get off. 

Haris Durrani

Software Engineer

Fun fact: Haris picked up a gold medal aged 17 in the (regional) Olympics—despite never playing rugby before.

Monika Schlegel

Customer Success Manager

Fun fact: Every day, on her way to work and back home, Monika plays music in her car, singing aloud at the top of her lungs—glad that no one else can hear her!

Aamir Khan

Senior Frontend Developer

Fun fact: Aamir has been tinkering with computers since he was 2 years old, when he used to play games on MS-DOS. He also enjoys baking in his spare time!

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We are on a mission to change how blue-collar work happens in industrial economies worldwide fundamentally. We believe, we can counteract skilled worker shortage and demographic change by boosting the productivity of every worker.

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