Tailored to suit your business, regardless of the industry you operate in.

Providing a companion for every field worker to work smarter every day.

Semiconductors & Electronics

We empower your service technicians and their operational teams, with improved accessibility and searchability of organizational documents, offering on-the-go support for upskilling and optimizing shop-floor operations.

Join semiconductors and electronics manufacturing innovators to boost efficiency with KNOWRON

KNOWRON empowers not only our technicians but even our customers to get the most out of our products. After replacing our old document management system, finding information from our thousands of documents take 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

Jim Leather
Head of IoT Solutions, ASMPT SMT Solutions
Tailored solutions to meet pressing issues

We offer a customizable solution that addresses industry-specific challenges through our white-label system. This comprehensive package includes a mobile app for your workforce and a web platform for efficient control and management.

You ask, KNOWRON answers.

Enable operators to access critical information in seconds, coupled with detailed resources

Integrate your machines with a no-code-suites.

Assign unique QR codes to machinery for instant access to a centralized database housing all relevant data and documentation

Document your knowledge in seconds.

Help your workers avoid tedious report writing with a ready-to-use template that creates standard reports in their preferred language.

Provide your employees with easy information access.

Transform new hires into experts with streamlined onboarding and continuous learning

Knowledge base across countries and cultures.

Ask for any information in your own language, no matter the source

Automate your service requests internally.

Boost efficiency through app-based shopping, streamlining requests and optimizing resource management and inventory use

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