Empowering industrial workers with an AI-based digital assistant.

Get more done with on spot diagnosis of machine problems, up-to-date information on the machine, and automated workflows using natural language.

How it works

KNOWRON is built at the bleeding edge of research in AI & engineering.

With the help of state-of-the-art NLP we develop a knowledge base of your products, and allow consumption of that knowledge with natural language.

“Hey, how can I help you today?”

Knowron’s AI based personal assistant empowers service technicians with their everyday tasks.  From diagnosing problems before repairs to the paperwork that follows, the assistant supports the technicians all the way, in natural language.

Get information from existing sources

The assistant can answer queries the technician may have about the machine, including but not limited to, the information buried in the manuals and the machines history.

Follow work instructions

Interactive work instructions can be provided by the assistant in a step by step fashion, allowing for smooth and reliable work done.

Create and manage content​

Generate work instructions and checklists in a modular fashion, allowing for technicians to get things done efficiently.​

Get detailed product service insights​

Feedback from the users is synthesized and made available, which can answer questions like which work instructions are most unclear, which are the most frequent problems in the machine etc?​

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