Boost Efficiency on Every Job Site: Knowron's AI Puts Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Providing a companion for every field worker to work smarter every day.

Construction & Facilities

Our software optimizes service delivery, streamlines maintenance, and enhances overall efficiency by centralizing crucial information related to construction operations, facility management, and maintenance protocols. Accessible from a unified platform, it ensures quick access to essential data for seamless operations and improved effectiveness in construction and facility management.

Why should you care?
Tailored solutions to meet pressing issues

We offer a customizable solution that addresses industry-specific challenges through our white-label system. This comprehensive package includes a mobile app for your workforce and a web platform for efficient control and management.

INSTANT Solutions

Generative AI based agent to guide your workers

  • Enable operators to access critical information in seconds, coupled with detailed resources
  • Ask questions in natural language - the AI will understand and provide the respective answer

Digitize your assets and factory with a no-code solution

  • Map your factory using assembly lines, machines and halls
  • Assign unique QR codes to machinery for instant access to a centralized database housing all relevant data and documentation

Document your knowledge in seconds.

  • Avoid tedious report writing with a ready-to-use template that creates standard reports in their preferred language.
  • Reduce documentation time by up to 80%

Provide your employees with easy information access.

  • Transform new hires into experts with streamlined onboarding and continuous learning
  • Intuitive and easy design to make it accessible for everyone

Knowledge base across countries and cultures.

  • Ask for any information in your own language, no matter the source
  • Empower everyone to contribute and provide tips and tricks

Automate your service requests internally.

  • Boost efficiency through app-based shopping, streamlining requests and optimizing resource management and inventory use
  • Utilize AI to support your workers and prevent errors

How Knowron get answers in seconds, not hours

A little blurb about AI and NLP technology and the research/expertise that went into building it.

NLP Based search

All your knowledge comes in the reach of one question

  • Make your knowledge searchable even when not using the right keywords
  • Ask questions in natural language - the AI will understand and provide the respective answer
  • The AI merges knowledge from different sources to provide sufficient answers
Tutorials on machine use

Onboard easily with the tutorials function

  • Provide tutorials on any topic related to the machine
  • Automatic or manual translation
  • Video and text to improve understanding
Analytics in suite

Always know what's going on in the field with the Control Suite Analytics

  • Get insights on knowledge gaps in the field by screening the search queries
  • Identify trends
  • Extract the most valuable knowledge sources
Articles for knowledge 

preservation by workers

Let your workers contribute and convert their knowledge into your asset

  • Capture the immensely valuable knowledge workers build up over time
  • Empower everyone to contribute and provide tips and tricks
  • Continuously increase your company know-how and make it your asset
Troubleshooting Flowchart

Guide your technicians through the problem-solving process with our troubleshooting tree

  • Capture common machine problems to enable quick issue resolving
  • Automatic or manual translation for employees all around the globe
  • Intuitive and easy design to make it accessible for everyone
Report generation with AI

Ensure high quality documentation and save time with our automatic AI-based report generation ensures high quality documentation and saves time

  • Automize documentation
  • Utilize AI to support your workers and prevent errors
  • Increase and unify the quality of service reports

Connect your collective brain with your existing tools

  • Integrate your current knowledge solution with KNOWRON
  • Request additional integrations
  • Streamline company-wide knowledge management

Expand your collective brain by integrating your existing tools

  • Integrate your current knowledge bases into the KNOWRON Assistant
  • Support will continuously increase

Organize and secure your platform efficiently

  • Enable users to register and create their own account
  • Manage user roles and permissions, granting appropriate access levels to different functionalities

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